“loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest act we’ll ever do”..

Instead of talking about how I am simplifying, organizing and decluttering my home, I’m sharing how I am simplifying, organizing and decluttering my thought life!~

Throwing away, tossing, burning any toxic negative thinking!~

It’s not that easy!~


Just like my over 150 different types of collections, I’ve collected a lot of negative thinking and habits.

We all have.

Doesn’t mean we have to keep them all, right?

blessings, Angela








4 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO S.O.D.

  1. I have been in the process of space clearing for a few months now but still have a ways to go and yes you are so right! I knew in my heart that this “clearing” would change my life and yet I sabatoged myself over and over with keeping things I didn’t need (or really want) just in case??? Ummm in case of what I am not sure, but finally I filled the first few boxes and donated them to the local charity shop and I felt so relieved! I can see a direct corelation to the extra weight I carry around and hopefully I can start “donating” that too! Love you Angela and thanks for all you do to encourage the rest of us!
    Your friend Tina xo

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