As I sat on lunch today a light bulb moment went off in my head.

It went like this. “Oh my gosh it’s Wednesday. Yesterday was Tuesday. I didn’t do my blog post on S.O.D.”

Seriously I just sat there and thought,’ oh my gosh!~”

I have been doing quite a bit of planning on how to get S.O.D. working in my life.

Writing in a few journals that I have going, I  have been jotting  down goals, projects and figuring out what works best for my day in day out schedule.

I’m a firm believer you need a set plan. Yes, things happen and put a wrench in things but that should not stop us from having a set plan.

Anyone that has a successful career, ministry and life will tell you that you just can’t live by the seat of your pants!~

You need to do the wash right? What day is that going to be?

blessings, Angela





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