Well it’s Tuesday!~

Time to talk about S.O.D.

Simplified. Organized. Decluttered.

Mind. Body. Spirit!~

I shared with all of you that I would be posting every Tuesday and sharing how I am adding S.O.D. into my life. The first Tuesday I forgot and didn’t get the post up till Wednesday.

Last week, well there was no S.O.D. post was there?!~


Oh well, it just makes me EVEN more determined.

Working on S.O.D. is not a one time thing, not for me.

I have so many areas in my life that need to be simplified, organized and decluttered.

It won’t happen over night. It won’t happen in a week. It’s been a process, a long one but I am determined!~

It is amazing how freeing it is when you begin to let go of ‘stuff’.

I LOVED my ‘stuff’, I still love ‘stuff’ but I love it less. We truly don’t need so much stuff. It doesn’t make us happier. It actually adds more stress.

I enjoy looking for ways to be wiser with my time and my stuff instead of working harder!~

What about you?

Are you still in love with all your stuff or are you willing to start letting it go and live a S.O.D. life?

blessings, Angela








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