I can fly

Something I wrote on my personal online journal:

Some days are easier for me to come here and write.

Other days it hurts.
Mentally, emotionally, physically (because of the anxiety) and spiritually!~
I love to journal, I can write and write and write!~
bla bla bla!~
I’m not alone here though. I have a TRIBE of mighty warriors around me who, from time to time, come and look over my shoulder at what I’m writing in my online journal!~
That helps me to be encouraged and helps me to be brave to share my story, my Study of One and be open in revealing it to others.
Each of us have a page in each other’s Study of One, your story.
For some of us here, we have a few chapters together…HOOT HOOT!~
My fasting window was going to be 19 hours. I planned on eating at 3:30 I thought that would be perfect since it was the weekend and I struggled with wanting to eat all day long (not hungry at all, emotional hunger) and fought the good fight of not eating.
I ended up opening my window at 21 hours of fasting. I got busy enriching my life, that for two hours I was far too busy to eat!~ I love when I look at the clock and see how much time has gone by and I didn’t think once about food!~
My window of eating was three hours. I know my calorie intake is a lot. More than it needs to be. I also know it is a LOT less than what it used to be so I’m making progress and trusting that my appetite correction is gaining more stamina, strength, wholeness and health.
Not only was my ‘full button’ broken at the age of 4 years, over the years it crumbled into, what seems like a million pieces.
Appetite correction put those pieces all back together!~
9 years ago this month, when I felt the call to fast, sacrifice two meals a day for 40 days, ‘only way to be set free’ Mark 9:29, the Master Potter began to set me free from gluttony!~
Affirmation: (AC4L)
In my actions, I have demonstrated my boldness, bravery and willingness to take risks. I will tap into my strength and my courage as I continue to work on my growth and hold fast to understanding my extraordinary worth as a unique and beautiful human.
I’m taking ownership for my story, for my Study of One.
This is my break through year where I begin to live out what I’ve been preaching, what I’ve been speaking, what I’ve been writing about, walk the walk!~
Whole and healthy!~
Mind. Body. Spirit!~
That is my prayer for each and everyone you here, those that are looking over my shoulder, those of you that are sitting by my side, and those of you that are just walking into the room….
Wholeness and healthy!~ Mind. Body. Spirit…amen amen amen
blessings, Angela, Fasting Chick!~



  1. I’m finding the most “success” in consistency. Same old window about 96% of the time 🙂
    Thankful for this time in life when that is possible. Takes away some of the “stress” of figuring out how to manage it. My body has found a comfortable and healthy weight to be at, I think.
    Have a good rest-of-the-week, relaxing in the freedom and sanity of this plan AND the indwelling power and Presence of God’s Holy Spirit! ♥

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